Diets for Patients with Renal Failure Caused by Diabetes Mellitus

1, low-salt diet

The intake of salt per day should be controlled within 2-3g (or 10-15ml soy sauce). And food containing sodium ionic is forbidden, such as pickles, salted eggs, brawn, marine productions, salty bread, well-dried noodles and so on. And low-sodium salt is suitable for patients with Renal Failure, hypertension, heart failure and edema.

2, high quality protein diet

As for renal failure patients, they should take in food rich in high quality of protein as the principal diet, and the high quality protein should account for 50 percent.

3, low-protein diet

As for the patients with decline of renal function, the intake of protein should be controlled within 0.30-0.60g/kg weight per day, and the high quality protein should account for 50 percent. If the patients are taking dialysis, the intake of protein is about 0.6-1.5g/kg weight per day.

4, low-fat diet

Patients with renal failure should eat less animal oil and mainly adopt plant oil. And patients should restrain the intake of food rich in cholesterol, such as yolk, pluck, seafood and so on, especially for the patients with hyperlipemia, hypertension, coronary heart disease and so on.

5, low-phosphorous diet

This principle mainly suitable for the patients with renal failure and hyperphosphatemia.

6,Low-purine diet

Patients with hyperur icemia and gout should restrain the intake of food rich in purine, such as pluck, sardine fish, animal brain, gravy, chafing dish, beer and so on.

After the examination of blood urea nitrogen, serum creatinine, clearance rate of endogenous creatinine and ultrasonic test, if the patient’s renal function has not been damaged seriously, there is no need to restrain the intake of protein closely, but patients had better take in high quality protein, such as milk, egg with, lean meat and some animal protein. Plant protein is not favorable. And the intake of calorie is about 2000 kilocalorie.

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