Diet for Patients with Blood Urea Nitrogen(BUN)

1. Patients with the blood urea nitrogen should avoid taking high protein foods such as milk, meat, fish, shrimps and bean products. In case meat or seafoods are taken for a large amount whether in family reunion or other situations, sodium bicarbonates can be taken so that the relapse of blood urea nitrogen can be lightened.

2. If the illness condition allows it, patients can increase water intake for a proper amount, which can help to excrete blood urea nitrogen.

3. Limit purine intake, take less animal viscera, seafoods, meat, hyacinth beans.

4. Foods rich in fat can inhibit excretion of uric acid. Therefore, patients should take in less fat especially animal fat.

5. Keep rich supplication of Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Oranges and apples are allowed to be taken.

6. Foods rich in alkaline can be taken so as to urine and prevent urinary tract stones. Such foods mainly include cabbage, carrots, potatoes, apples, soda crackers and so on.

7. Wines, especially beer, can cause accumulation of lactic acid and induce gout. Therefore, try to give up drinking.

8. Carbohydrates can promote excretion of uric acid, therefore we can take more foods rich in carbohydrates such as rice, noodles and grains.

9. Medicines that can inhibit excretion of uric acid should not be taken for heavy dosage. Such foods mainly include antihypertensive medicines, diuretic medicines and salicylic medicines.

Above are the diet controlling measures for blood urea nitrogen. However, as urea nitrogen suggests kidney function declination for patients with kidney diseases, a proper treatment is quite necessary. We use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant to treat kidney diseases.

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