Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy on Dialysis Should Keep a Proper Diet

1. The patients on dialysis should avoid eating food that contains high sodium. If patients have too much salt, it will bring much burden to heart thus threatening their lives. Therefore, they should eat more light food, which not only benefits controlling their blood pressure, but also helps decline edema.

2. After undergoing dialysis, many patients will lose mass protein. Therefore, they should change their previous low-protein diet and increase their quality protein intake properly such as fish, lean meat, and egg white and so on. As low quality protein can produce more urea nitrogen that can cause much burden to kidneys, the patients should avoid those protein intake.

3. Potassium is an important substance in our body. The patients with Renal Failure depend on dialysis to clear the extra potassium in their bodies. However, during the intervals of two dialyses, potassium will accumulate in their body thus causing Hyperkalemia. Therefore, the patients should avoid eating food that contains high potassium such as banana, spinach, nuts and so on. However, some patients may lose potassium during dialyses so they should increase the potassium properly under their doctors’ guidance.

4. Patients with Renal Failure often have strict demands on their diet so they are very likely to have vitamin and mineral substance insufficiency. Moreover, some patients will lose much vitamin and mineral substance. Therefore, it is very important for patients on dialysis to keep enough vitamin and mineral substance intake.

The above article introduces the general diet demands for patients on dialysis. However, different patients have varying condition so they should adjust their diet properly under their doctors’ guidance.

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