Whether the Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy can Eat Fruits or Not

1 Fruit is rich in glucose, sugar and so on. Large intake of fruit can increase blood sugar fast. And this will aggravate kidney damage. So it is not proper to take lots of fruits. And for the patients with serious illness condition, it is necessary to avoid fruits.

2 Patients with slight or stable illness condition can take less fruit. It is better for them to choose the fruits which contain low sugar, like lemon, pomelo, apple, watermelon, and calculate the corresponding heats so as to reduce the intake of principal food.

3 The time of taking fruit also should be noticed. It is good to eat fruit two hours later of dinner or before going to bed.

4 When the low blood sugar occurs, fruit can be preferred, which can help the recovery of blood sugar.

5 If patients are in the renal failure stage of diabetic nephropathy, fruits rich in potassium, like watermelon and orange should be avoided, so as to prevent the occurrence of hyperkalemia.

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