Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy Should Pay More Attention to Diet

1. The patients with Diabetes should regulate the intake of protein.

If the patients keep a high-protein diet for too long, which will influence the normal glomerular filtration and increase the nitrogen metabolites and retention in the body thus damaging the renal function. So the patients should keep proper intake of protein. Threefore, in the daily life, in order to limit the intake of the protein, some patients just eat vegetarian food and avoid eating meat, milk products and eggs.However, the amino acid in the vegetarian food can not provide enough nutrition for their body, which do not benefit the recovery of their disease. Generally speaking, the intake of protein should be kept within 0.6 grams per kilograms in body weight. In addition, the patients should increase the intake of the quality protein in their diet.

2. As many patients with Diabetic Nephropathy have lipoidosis, if the patients with Diabetes keep high intake of fat for too long, it will make the excessive fat accumulates in the body ,which can cause more damage to the renal function.

3. Keep proper intake of salt. If the patients with Diabetic Nephropathy have edema and hypertension, they should reduce the intake of salt and keep the intake of the salt within 2-4 grams a day.

4. Controlling blood sugar is very important. If the blood sugar keeps high for too long, it can disorder the cholesterol metabolism, which can thicken and harden the inner membrance of glomerular capillary thus making them lose the normal function. Therefore, it is very important to control the blood sugar. First, the patients should limit the intake of heat. Next, they should take antidiabetic drugs regularly. In addition, they should keep healthy emotions and avoid infections and other factors that can fluctuate the blood sugar.

The patients with Diabetic Nephropathy should not only pay more attention to the treatment, but also its prevention. In the daily life, if they can attach more importance to their diet, they will get a better recovery.

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