The Dietary Suggestions for Patients with Diabetic Kidney Disease(Diabetic Nephropathy)

1. The intake of salt

The intake of salt should be limited in 3-5g per day. If patients consume too much salt, their blood pressure will be elevated and their swelling will be severer.

2. The consumption of protein

If patients present proteinuria( protein in urine), they need to consume adequate amount of protein to supplement. However, too much protein intake will cause burden to the already damaged kidneys, which will aggravate the kidney functions. It is suggested to supplement high-quality proteins through consuming high- quality milk, lean meat and fish etc.

3. The control of potassium

Patients whose kidneys are damaged can not discharge the excessive potassium normally. Too much potassium in the blood might lead to abnormality of heart. So, the fruits and vegetables containing too much potassium should be limited.

4. The intake of water

Patients with Diabetic Kidney Disease should control the water intake strictly especially for those whose swelling is severe.

5. The supplement of Vitamin and microelements

Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Zinc and other elements can protect kidney functions from a large extent. Patients should pay attention to supplement them in their daily diet.

Those above are the Dietary suggestions for Diabetic Kidney Disease patients. Hope patients could pay more attention to these suggestions and recover soon.

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