Diabetic Nephropathy Treated by Stem Cell Transplant and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Disease history: He had Type 2 Diabetes for 13 years. Before coming to our hospital, he has been to a very good hospital in the local place for about one month. But his creatinine increased from 200 umol/l to 400 umol/l, and urine protein fluctuates at 5~6g/l. Lower limbs had edema throughout the years. The local doctor told him that he could have dialysis in one or two months. The patient wants to avoid dialysis so he came to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital to find further treatment.

Pre-admission examination: When the patient came, the symptoms are fatigue and edema in the lower limbs. The serum creatinine was 409umol/l, Urine Protein Quantitation is 5.08g/l, internal albumin is 30g/l, and slightly anemia.

Treatment: After the patient was admitted to the hospital, he was first given enema to strengthen the intestinal tract expelling ability of toxins. Considering that the patient has lost large amount of proteinuria, the kidney function has deteriorated, and there are not any Western medicines can effectively reduce the urine protein, we gave him Micro-Chinese Medicine treatment. After 15 days, that is one day before Stem cell transplant, the examination showed that serum creatinine has reduced to 378 umol/l, but BMG increased than before. After 10 days of the Stem Cell transplant, Urine Protein Quantitation is 2.2g/l. Twenty days later, the recheck showed urine protein is 3.02g/l. Kidney function comparison: before Stem Cell Transplant, urea nitrogen is 23.49, serum creatinine is 378, Uric Acid is 499, BMG14.08. After the transplant, urea nitrogen is 21.43, serum creatinine is 363, Uric Acid is 472, BMG12.5.On the whole, the indexes of the kidney functions examination were decreasing, and the Urinalysis was also improved.

Until now the patient has had Stem Cell transplant for two months. The intake of insulin has decreased from the former 42 units daily to the present 22 units. His blood sugar is fluctuating within the normal range. The most obvious symptom is that he always has low blood sugar, which is between 3~4. Besides, his serum creatinine is between 350-370 umol/l, urine protein +2. The recheck of liver functions shows that the internal albumin is 38g/l, which is always below 30g/l before the Stem Cell Transplant. His edema also disappeared now, and has no other uncomfortableness.

Expert comment: From clinical practice we can conclude that Micro-Chinese Medicine and Stem Cell Transplant are good for the relieving of urine protein, kidney functions and blood sugar. The improvement of urine protein is greatly connected with the stem cell which regulates the immune system; restrain the release of the inflammatory factors and mediums. The lowering of the blood sugar is related to the improvement of pancreas islet functions by stem cell. And Micro-Chinese Medicine can effectively repair the glomerulus whose functions can be recovered gradually so as to relieve the kidney function damagement caused by arteriosclerosis due to hypertention. Finally the urine protein and microscopic hematuria are both relieved, and the remaining kidney functions are protected from damaging. Stem cells can differentiate into Islet cells and kidney cells, gradually improve the renal and pancreas islet functions, and recover the insulin secretion function of pancreas and the filtration function of the glomerulus. By this means, the dialysis intervals can be prolonged and some Diabetic Nephropathy patients can get rid of dialysis. However, for all kinds of kidney diseases, it is better to have an early and effective treatment to prevent the disease from developing to Renal Failure. So the patients can live a high-quality life.

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