A Diabetes Patient with Diabetic Nephropathy

Age: 68 years old

Diagnosis: Patient had diabetes for 17 years and diabetic nephropathy for 4 years. He still suffered from interstitial pneumonia and prurigo. When he was admitted to our hospital, the tests showed hematuria +++, protein +++, BP 180/120, creatinine 3.4. He had itching skin, red patch on the whole body.

Therapy: In Aug, 2011, a combination of Micro-Chinese Medicine and Stem Cell Transplant were utilized. Firstly, the Micro-Chinese Medicine was used which could clean the internal environment to provide better internal environment for the application of Stem Cells Transplant. After several weeks later, stem cells transplant was performed. In this case, hormone therapy was not used.

Results: After several months of treatment, the tests results showed hematuria 0, proteinuria +-. And his interstitial pneumonia and prurigo was significantly relieved. Micro-Chinese Medicine helps him to better control his diabetes nephropathy, interstitial pneumonia and prurigo. His diabetes was controlled well with stem cells, physical activity, and healthy diet. He hoped he could get rid of insulin in 4 months.

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