Treating Diabetic Nephropathy with Stem Cell Transplant

Limin Liu is 45 years old. Ten years ago, she was diagnosed with Diabetes. At that time, she had no other abnormal symptoms except increased hunger, increased thirst and frequent urination. So she did not pay much attention to the disease and just controlled blood sugar by taking antidiabetic drugs. Moreover, in daily life she did not avoid some factors that could cause high blood sugar such as unhealthy diet, overwork and so on. As a result, her blood sugar could not be controlled effectively. One year ago, she began to appear palpebral and lower limb edema, nocturia and dizziness. So under the guidance of doctor in local hospital, she began to inject insulin instead of taking oral antidiabetic medicine. After that, her blood sugar recovered normal but edema was still very serious. So she went to several big hospitals to receive treatment, but did not have any improvement. At last, she came to Shijiazhuang Hospital to receive treatment .

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, she had a complete inspection. The inspection result was as follows:

Fasting blood-glucose level: 5.6mmol/L; 2-hour postprandial blood glucose level: 15.1mmol/L; urine protein (++); serum creatinine level: 123.5umol/l; urea nitrogen level: 7.2mmol/L; GFR (glomerular filtration rate): 50ml/min. creatinine clearance rate: 63ml/mim.

After the analysis of the inspection result, according to her GFR and creatinine clearance rate, her nephron had been damaged badly. She was diagnosed with Type2 Diabetes complicated with kidney disease and at compensatory stage of chronic renal insufficiency. In order to block the further damage to renal function, experts asked her to receive treatment at once. If not, her disease would develop into renal insufficiency and even uremia. After careful consideration, Limin Liu received Stem Cell Transplant together with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as an adjuvant therapy. During the treatment process, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy helped to blocke the renal fibrosis and improve the microcirculation of kidney thus stopping the future damage to renal function. Then, stem cells repaired the damaged intrinsic damaged cells and help kidney recover its normal function. In addition, stem cells repaired the damaged islet cells β could produce enough insulin to satisfy patients’ need.

To Limin Liu’ surprise, her edema disappeared just after 17 days’ treatment. And after Stem Cell Transplant three months later, her reexamination result showed that fasting blood-glucose level: 5.1mmol/L; 2-hour postprandial blood glucose level: 8.2.mmol/L; urine protein (-); serum creatinine level: 83.2umol/l; urea nitrogen level: 5.2mmol/L; GFR (glomerular filtration rate): 72ml/mim. creatinine clearance rate: 72ml/mim. The test values recovered nearly normal.

The experts told her that if she could receive medication, she could totally get rid of insulin injection and recovered normal renal function and islet function gradually.

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