Case: Treating Diabetic Nephropathy with Stem Cell Transplant

Xin Cao was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2000. At that time, he did not have other serious symptoms except increased hunger, increased thirst and frequent urination so he just took some oral antidiabetic drugs to keep blood sugar balanced. However, at the beginning of 2oo6, he began to have proteinuria and occasionally had high blood pressure. After getting the disease, due to the heavy work he did not receive treatment at once. However, in 2010, Mr. Cao began to have anasarca so he had to go to hospital to do the complete inspection. The inspection result shocked him so much: serum cretinine was 1100 umol/L, urine protein (+++). His doctor told him that his Diabetes had developed into Diabetic Nephropathy.

After one year’s treatment in the local hospital, he not only did have improvement, but also his body weight increased by 17 kilos due to edema. Looking his bloated body, he did know what to do.

In Jan.2011, under friend’s introduction, he came to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital to receive treatment.

At beginning, he did not trust our hospital totally and just wanted to have a try because long-term invalid treatment made him disappointed about his recovery. Experts in our hospital formulated a treatment scheme according to his condition. The experts explained to him that due to long-term invalid treatment, his Diabetic Nephropathy had gotten into the last stage. If he did not receive effective treatment at once, he might develop into uremia. In order to block the further damage to kidney and repair the damaged pancreas islet, he received Stem Cell Transplant in June.

After Stem Cell Transplant, his obvious symptoms of increased hunger and thirst and frequent urination and edema disappeared one week later.

Now, his dosage of insulin is much less than before and renal function has much improvement.

The experts explains that it take about 2~3months for the function of pancreas islet to recover normal. In the later days, the patient can get rid of the dependence on insulin injection totally.

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