Diabetes Kidney Disease Developed into Renal Failure

Introduction of patient: Linda, 59, female, India, with a Diabetes history of more than 20 years, intermittent facial edema, with foam in the urine for more than five years.

Clinical diagnosis

Statement of her medical history: the patient had a blood glucose test 20 years ago, her level was 260mg/dL, she was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. At first, she took some blood glucose-lowering drugs, but the effect is not satisfied. So she began to have insulin injection. Five years ago, she began to have facial edema and increased foam in urine. She went to the local hospital, the test result: RPO(2+),BLD(-), she was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes and Diabetes of Kidney Disease. But the local doctor didn't give any effective treatment. After two years, protein in urine(-)(+) . Then she went into the local Hospital, test: Cr2.8, then she was given a kind of oral taken medicine made by that hospital, her Cr rose as high as 5.7. Then she began to receive dialysis.

Physical examination: T36.7°c P72times/minute R18times/minute Bp140/90 mmHg

Initial diagnosis: type 2 Diabetes, Diabetes of Kidney Disease, Renal Failure, Renal Anemia, Renal Hypertension.

Defining Characteristics: the primary cause is Diabetes for more than 20 years, Intermittent facial dropsy, increased foam in urine for five years. Test five years ago, protein(3+). Test two years ago, Cr2.8, one year ago, Cr 5.7. Chronic ill anemia appearance, light edema in both limbs.

Expert Analysis: this patient's effective renal blood flow reduce, high perfusion in glomerulus lead to Renal Hypertension. Micro-Chinese Medicine can promoting blood circulation and removing obstruction in channels, and can dilate renal arteries and blood vessels of the whole body, remit high perfusion in glomerulus, thus balancing blood pressure, ameliorating glomerulosclerosis effectively. At the same time, this patient has insufficient blood flow, damaged renal function, secretion of erythropoietin reduce obviously. This is because, state of high toxin will shorten the life of red blood cells, restrain the hematopoiesis function of marrow, so that renal anemia would occur. Exogenous erythropoietin cannot rise haemoglobin. But Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can change the state of high perfusion, and promote the secreting of erythropoietin, discharge the toxin, so that refractory anemia can be treated fundamentally.

And Stem Cell Transplantation repaired her damaged kidney. After being treated in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, his blood glucose is under controlled, and foam in her urine has disappeared. Edema has been eliminated. And her Cr has return to 2.3.

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