DN Old Woman, NS Juvenile happen to Coincide——Two Silk Banners

Behind the banner-entrust from a DN uremia old woman

In order to know something detailed about the patient, we found the old woman herself and her chief doctor.

Her name is Liu Suqin, female, 57 years old, from Qinhuangdao Hebei province. She has a Diabetes history for 11 years, she used to take Glucose-Lowering Medicine, but blood sugar is not well controlled. She was found proteinuria++ in a routine inspection four years ago, with lower limbs edema discontinuity. Because of history of Diabetes, she and her families didn’t pay attention to edema. Later, edema of lower limbs was aggravating day by day, even edema spread to thighs. So she came to the local hospital to examine urinalysis and renal function. Examination showed that: proteinuria positive ++, serum creatinine613umol/L, BUN33.9mmol/L. she was diagnosed as Diabetic Nephropathy, Uremia. She received traditional treatment in local hospital for nearly a month, and she did dialysis. But her condition was not only improved, but also aggravated. Nausea, vomiting, lacking in strength and mild coma and other ill sickness showed up. Urine quantity was even less after dialysis, and discontinuity anuria showed up at last.

Local doctor gave a cruel conclusion that her‘have to live on dialysis, there is no other treatment and significance’. The old woman had lost desire to treat and live. Her daughter was very worried to see this condition. She didn’t want to give up. So she sought hope on the internet, thus she found Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. When she saw the characteristic therapy and case analysis, she quickly communicated with experts on line. She told the expert about her mother’s condition, present treatment, complications and pharmacy. Expert told her about importance and urgency after analyzing her mother’s condition according to what she said. If without specific and systematic treatment, her mother’s urine would disappear recently, scar in kidney would form continuously. More and more intrinsic cells’ function and structure would have lesion that could never be reversed. Renal function could weaken day by day. After heard this, patient’s daughter determined to try again. When the old woman with Diabetic Nephropathy and Uremia came to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, she almost became anuric. She had to live on dialysis ……

Doctor Zhang in NO.2 Inpatient Area from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease said, ‘kidney of patient with Uremia in this period have become fibrosis and induration, renal lesion have developed into scar formative period. It means that 70% kidney has lost all the function. A lot of extracellular matrixes have replaced healthy nephrons’. Anuria has become the most serious threaten to the old woman’s life. How to recover her urine is the therapeutic key in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital!

Keep remaining nephrons, block up with recovery, urine volume standing for life began to increase

When the old woman began to accept the therapy of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, her daughter still had an attitude with suspicion. She thought that how to use Chinese traditional medicine to treat and recover this disease that had been sentenced to death by many other hospitals.

However, ‘the miracle of life’ for this old woman had happened day by day. Scheme of Micro Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy multi-targeting blocking fibroisis had achieved the first multi-targeting, anti-inflammatory, anti-freezing, promoting blood circulation and removing obstruction in channels, extend the blood vessels of all or different levels, oxygenating to the full, increasing Bilateral renal blood perfusion rate, so as to ameliorate symptoms because of Vascular ischemia and lesion. Nausea and vomiting feeling of the old woman had disappeared. Then feelings of aching and limp in four limbs, lacking in strength had faded away. She could sit up and eat by herself. After disappearance of lower limbs edema, she could move off bed by herself without her daughter’s assistance. She saw the hope of live again!

It is most obvious during dialysis time, the old woman used to close eyes, doesn’t say a word, and her body was also stiff out of tensing up. While after being well nursed by nurse for more than ten days, she began to talk with the nurse and her daughter with smile on her face.

This improvement of the old woman is just Short-term curative effect of Micro Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. On August 8th 2008, when this old woman began to leave Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, compared with anuria when she came to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, her urine volume had come to 700ml~800ml per day, this phenomenon was the most gratifying thing for the doctors. Because only ensure continuous urine volume of the people with Uremia, would it prove recover of renal function. Blocking up of Renal Fibrosis was realized, thus could ensure patient’s long term curative effect.

When the old woman and her daughter wanted to give silk banner to the chief doctor with their excited gratitude, a juvenile with a silk banner came to them, and he also wanted to give this banner to his chief doctor. This juvenile had very serious ascites because of Nephrotic syndrome, but within short ten days’ treatment, his ascites had completely disappeared, and his weight had been lowered down from 72kg to normal weight 57kg. Her mother could not restrain her feeling of joy, she want to give her son’s chief doctor a silk banner.

Chinese tradition is‘Good things should be in pairs, two happy events come at the same time’. After these patients and their families’ discussing, they presented the two silk banners together which standing for medical sects, medical ethics, medical skill.

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