How to Stop Kidney Deteriorating in Diabetics

1. Control your blood sugar

High blood sugar is a character of diabetes that can damage any part of the body including kidneys. Long-term high blood sugar makes more blood flow through your kidneys so that your kidneys have to work harder. Over time, the blood vessels in the kidneys are damaged, causing diabetes kidney disease. Controlling your blood sugar is the key to stop kidney function deterioration.

2. Control your blood pressure

Blood pressure makes your heart work hard then it can damage the tiny blood vessels throughout the body. If your blood vessels in the kidneys are damaged, it causes kidney disease. In turn, any water retention can cause the rise of blood pressure. It is a dangerous cycle.

3. Avoid the medicines which are toxic to your kidneys.

In some cases, people develop acute renal failure due to the medicines which damage the kidneys like painkiller. Before you start new medicines, you may consult your doctor and tell your condition. If your doctor thinks it is safe, you can take these medicines.

4. Diet

It is one part of kidney protection. The principle of diet for kidneys disease patients is low protein, low salt and low potassium. You don’t eat salt because your impaired kidneys can not filter them. Banana, peanut, coffee, and alcohol are unfavorable to your kidneys. If you like cold foods, or ice drinks you had better to avoid these food or drinks because these are not helpful to your kidneys.

The above are some suggestions on the kidney protection. Hope it is helpful for you and your family.

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