What are Common Preventions for Diabetic Kidney Disease (Diabetic Nephropathy)

Diabetic Kidney Disease is caused by infection in many cases, so you should prevent infection in the first step. Let’s take urinary tract infection as an example. The infection of urinary tract is not only an important factor which leads to Diabetic Kidney Disease but also can accelerate the aggravation of the disease. So patients can prevent kidney disease through controlling urinary infection.

When kidney disease aggravates to certain stage, proteinuria will presents. So patients should control protein intake. In the early stage of Diabetic Kidney Disease, it is important to control intake of protein but supplement the qualified animal protein. However, in the late stage of the disease, large amount of protein intake can increase the metabolic products amount of protein in the blood which will bring great damage to you.

Have a good control of blood pressure. High blood pressure may aggravate your condition, so you should develop habit of light diet and keep the blood pressure in a stable degree.

Control your blood glucose well. The blood glucose degree has an essential effect on presence and development of Diabetic Kidney Disease and diabetic eye disease. Good control of blood glucose can largely reduce the morbidity of kidney disease for people with Diabetes.

Taking comprehensive precautions of Diabetic Nephropathy is of great importance. We will be glad if suggestions above can help you in some degree. Take good care of yourself and your families. If you need more advice, please contact us.

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