The Prevention and Treatments for Diabetic Nephropathy

Control the blood pressure: for hypertension is an important factor for the aggravation of diabetic nephropathy, the patients of diabetes should keep an insipid diet. The diabetes patients with hypertension must take hypotensor to maintain the blood pressure on a normal level.

Control the blood sugar: according to researches, no matter for the Ⅰ-type diabetes or the Ⅱ-type diabetes patients, controlling blood sugar has an extremely important influence on the occurrence and development of diabetes nephropathy and diabetes fundus lesions. A good control of blood sugar can reduce the concurrent chance of diabetes nephropathy by 50 percent for Ⅰ-type diabetes patients, and can reduce the concurrent chance of diabetes nephropathy by 1/3 for Ⅱ-type diabetes patients. If the diabetes patients’ conditions have aggravated to the early stage of nephropathy, the patients had better use insulin for treatment.

Prevent the infection of urinary system: recurrent urinary system infection may accelerate the aggravation of diabetes patients’ conditions. Therefore, the diabetes patients should avoid the urinary system infection.

Pay attention to the intake of protein: for early stage diabetes nephropathy patients, they will lose a large amount of protein through urine everyday, so they must supply the protein properly, especially high quality animal protein. But to the end stage of diabetes nephropathy, if the patients still take in large amounts of protein, it will increase the protein metabolin in the blood, which will bring the patients extreme damage. Therefore, end stage diabetes nephropathy patients must restrict the protein intake properly, especially the low quality vegetable protein.

At present, stem cells transplant is new and effective treatment for both the diabetes and diabetic nephropathy. If the patients can adopt effective treatment in the early stage, they can improve their life and prevent from series of complications of diabetes.

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