Self-monitor in People with Diabetic Nephropathy

1. Patients with Diabetes are at high risk of having Diabetic Nephropathy.

Diabetic Nephropathy commonly occurs in middle age or elderly patients who have had Diabetes for more than ten years. Man is at a higher risk of Diabetic Nephropathy than that of woman. 20-30 percent of people with Diabetes are likely to develop this condition. It is also at a high risk for Diabetic Nephropathy for patients if they have other complications of Diabetes such as retinopathy, cerebral vessels etc.

In American, Diabetic Nephropathy is the main cause of Kidney Failure and end-stage kidney disease. Both Type1 and Type 2 patients are likely to develop this disease. Poor control of blood glucose places it at a risk place to develop Diabetic Nephropathy. In addition, both hyperlipemia and Hypertension are risk factors for Diabetic Nephropathy. Hypertension will aggravate the condition

2. Watch out for happening of end-stage renal disease.

Most Diabetes patients reckon that there is no direct link between Diabetes and end-stage kidney disease (namely, Uremia). In fact, they two have a closer relationship. The newest statistics show that Uremia is developed by Diabetic Nephropathy in one of every three persons with Uremia. And Diabetic Nephropathy is the primary cause of Uremia.

Since typical symptoms of Diabetes is not apparent in Type2 Diabetes patients, as many as 67 percent of patients can’t get diagnosis. Even for established patients, less than one-fourths of them have detection for microalbuminuria which is to early find Diabetic Nephropathy, a fatal complication. Meanwhile, for more than half of Diabetes patients combine with Hypertension, people pay less attention to protection of kidney, heart and other organs during they choose the hypotensive medicine, which results in End-stage renal failure

Experts suggest that besides controlling Diabetes people should take effective steps to treat kidney disease, during the treatment of Diabetes with kidney disease. And according to the theory of blocking the renal fibrosis and sclerosis, people should prevent and treat early in order to prevent it turning into Uremia.

Diabetic nephropathy is one serious disease. People with diabetes can prevent it with self-monitor. If you develop diabetic nephropathy, paying more attention to the progress is the key to prevent it. If you have any other questions about diabetic nephropathy, you can consult our experts online. They will give you some suggestions about your concerns. We are glad to help you!

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