How to Prevent Kidney Disease caused by Diabetes

1. Controlling the blood glucose well: the research shows that no matter type 1 Diabetes or type 2 Diabetes, it is very important for the patients to control the blood glucose. Well controlled blood glucose can lower the incidence of Kidney Disease caused by type 1 Diabetes by 50%, and can lower the incidence of kidney disease caused by type 2 Diabetes by 1/3. For patients with Diabetes, if their disease is developing into kidney disease in early stage, they should take insulin to control their blood glucose.

2. Controlling the blood pressure: because high blood pressure is a very important factor which aggravate the kidney disease caused by Diabetes. So for patients with Diabetes, they should keep an insipid diet. For those patients with high blood pressure, it is necessary for them to take medicine to lower their blood pressure, so that the blood pressure can maintain in a normal level.

3. Pay attention to the intake of protein: patients with kidney disease caused by diabetes in early stage, a large amount of protein will be lost by urine every day. So it is necessary for them to be supplied with some protein, especially some high quality animal protein. But when their disease develops in the end stage, if the patients still take in a large amount of protein, a lot of metabolism waste products of protein(creatinine, urea and so on) will stay in the blood. All these will bring great damage to the patients. So for patients with kidney disease caused by diabetes in end stage, it is necessary for them to restrain their intake of protein, especially that plant protein with poor quality.

4. Avoiding urinary tract infection: repeated urinary infection will speed up the progressing of kidney disease caused by Diabetes. So for patients with kidney disease caused by Diabetes, they should try to avoid urinary tract infection.

5. Controlling the aggravation of uremia: when their disease develops into uremia, besides the above points, they should take peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis, so that the waste product can be discharged out of the body. But it is very necessary for patients with uremia to take a treatment which can repair the damaged kidneys, so that dialysis and kidney transplantation can be avoided or delayed.

6. Taking treatment of Chinese herbal medicine: from the many years' clinical experience, we can see that taking treatment of Chinese herbal medicine is effective. In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, China, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Transplantation has been introduced into the treatment of uremia.

All in all, although kidney disease caused by diabetes is very serious, if patients can take some necessary treatment, the aggravation of kidney disease can be stopped, and their renal function can be improved greatly.

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