How to Prevent Diabetic Nephropathy for Diabetics

1. Control the blood sugar with many ways

It is the best method to prevent the condition ahead of the occurrence of complications for Diabetes patients. The blood sugar should be under control and this state should last for a long term in order to keep patients away from the complications.

Patients should control blood sugar with many ways. Firstly, patients should restrict the amount of diet scientifically and reasonably, not eating too much or having too much food containing proteins in case of aggravating the burden of kidney. Secondly, Patients should also eat less salt. Food containing high-quality protein is good for patient’s health like eggs, milk, lean meat and fish etc. Meanwhile, aerobic exercise should be persisted which is beneficial to the circulation of organs. In addition, Diabetes patients need to notice the amount of water intake in order to avoid the urinary tract infection and reduce the attack rate of Pyelonephritis so that they should drink boiled water or green tea more often.

2. Control blood sugar, blood pressure and blood fat together.

Patients should control blood pressure besides controlling the blood sugar for 60 percent of Diabetes patients have high blood pressure which will damage the orgns seriously. It is optimal to control blood pressure under 125/80 mmHg.

Besides restricting the amounts of salt, patients should persist to take medicine that not only controls blood pressure within the proper scope but also controls blood pressure of patients with Diabetic kidney disease. Some patients are used to taking some hypotensor, not willing to change other medicine. In fact, choosing hypotensor should consider not only the reducing of blood pressure but also the protection of fragile organs especially your kidney.

It is also very crucial to control blood fat for Diabetes patients. It is a factor to make kidney disease worsen if the low density lipoprotein in body increases. So blood fat should be under control.

3. High risk group for Diabetic Nephropathy needs monitor.

Diabetes patients with kidney disease family history belong to the high risk group. They should be aware of checking the urine proteins regulate especially the testing for microalbuminuria. At the same time it is good method to prevent and treat Diabetic Nephropathy to notice their blood pressure and blood fat. There are also many Diabetes patients with microalbuminuria in ward. Especially patients with Diabetes for several years should watch out for the condition. Don’t be worried about it. If Diabetes can be found and treated early, complications can be prevented in great degree and life is normal as what it used to be.

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