How to Prevent Uremia for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

What causes uremia?

Uremia is a kidney damage caused by the buildup of wastes, water retention, electrolyte disorder due to the renal function decline. The symptoms of uremia include loss of appetite, fatigue, reduced urine volume, edema on the face or legs, anemia, itching skin, muscle cramp, and even epilepsia. The uremia may slowly progresses and be silent. Acute renal failure occurs in several days. Not every one have the symptoms mentioned above. They may have one or more symptoms.

How to prevent uremia?

Although uremia is a serious disease, there is still treatment. When renal function can be reversed, dialysis can be considered. In recent years, the dialysis can prolong the lifespan of uremia patients. If there is no other treatment, dialysis can be a choice.

Patients with uremia need enough rest. The good nutrition can help them stop progress of kidney disease. Avoid the harmful substances which may be in the insecticide, vehicle exhaust, and cleaner. Before using these products, read the instruction to avoid the harmful substances to kidneys. Smoking is bad to kidneys so it is better to give up smoking. A low-protein diet is necessary for them. Chose the egg and milk products. Because people eat less protein amount, they had better chose food rich in high-protein like milk, egg, etc. Replenish more water according to the condition.

If you have one or more the following symptoms, immediately see a doctor.

Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea

Urea breathe in the mouth, bleeding in the mouth, gingival inflammation

Sleep problem, numb, sleepy, hyperspasmia, coma

Pain in the chest, palpitation, out of breath, edema all which are caused by high blood pressure and heart failure.

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