Is Diabetic Nephropathy (Diabetic Kidney Disease) Reversible in Different Stages

The first stage is characterized by increased glomerular filtration rate and enlarged kidney volume which is in proportion to the high level of blood sugar. Through insulin treatment and strictly control of blood sugar, it is reversible after several weeks to months.

The second stage saw deformed kidney structure and normal degree of UAE. Patients urinate protein after doing exercises but recover after having rest. It is reversible at this stage.

The third stage is called early-stage Diabetic Nephropathy in which 30%~40% of patients would present severe proteinuria and declined renal function. Without effective treatment, more than 90 percent of patients will develop into obvious Diabetic Nephropathy.

The fourth stage is characterized by large amount of albuminuria, edema and high blood pressure. Their renal function also declines greatly. The disease is irreversible of this stage.

The final stage is Uremia and patients need to take dialysis and kidney transplant to sustain their life.

It is of great importance to accept treatment in time so as to prevent the development of Diabetic Nephropathy which will aggravate rapidly out of your control when it develops into the third stage and become irreversible finally. Stem Cell Transplantation and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can effectively treat Diabetic Nephropathy and give you a satisfied therapeutic effect.

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