Will Diabetes Nephropathy cause Uremia

Since we know Diabetic Nephropathy can lead to Uremia, so for patients with Diabetic Nephropathy, they should not be careless. Then how to block renal fibrosis? How to stop the aggravation of kidney disease?

What is renal fibrosis?

Renal fibrosis a kind of progressive course of renal function from health, damage, failure to necrosis. Renal intrinsic cells will be damaged by the stimulation such as trauma, infection, inflammatory, blood circulatory disturbance and immune reaction and other pathogenic factors. With the development of the kidney disease, a lot of collagen will deposit in the end stage, thus leading to sclerosis of renal parenchyma. Scar will form, and the renal function will be lost completely in the future. The course of renal intrinsic cells sclerosis is the course of renal fibrosis.

How does Diabetic Nephropathy lead to Uremia?

For Diabetic Nephropathy, renal fibrosis is mainly refers to the glomerular' state of high perfusion and high filtration caused by Diabetes. On the one hand, the pressure on capillary wall will be increased, the mesangial cells will be dilated, and the epithelial cells will drop from the basement. On the other hand, high level of blood glucose can result in diffusive and nodular lesions on mesangial area. In this way, the glomerulus will appear sclerosis and fibrosis. With the aggravation of kidney disease, more and more renal tissues will be damaged, and the glomerular sclerosis will be aggravated. In this way, the kidneys will be damaged day by day, at last, patients will enter into end stage of renal failure-uremia which can not be reversed.

For patients with Diabetic Nephropathy, the important thing for them is to find an effective treatment to block the renal fibrosis. If you have some questions, you can email us by [email protected]

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