Health Care for Patients with Uremia in Their Homes

1. Patients should have sufficient rest.

As it is well-known, fatigue lowers human immunity, which may aggravate uremia. As a result, patients with uremia should have sufficient rest and good nutrition, at the same time, avert demanding work. Sex is abstained for patients with uremia, and should be banned still half a year or a year after they are cured.

2. Patients should prevent cold, control infection and protopathy.

3. Patients should consult their doctors before adding new medications. Otherwise, it may influence the treatment effects.

4. Transfusion is prohibited, and patients should consult their doctors before they supplement protein and obey doctors’requirements.

5. Patients should count the 24-hour urine volume, observing the color and smell of urine.

6.Avoid chemical substances damaging kidney.

Patients should stay away from environments where there are objects containing cadmium, chloroform, ethyleneglycol and tetrachloroethylene, which are contained in insecticide, automobile exhaust, paintings and household cleaners.

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