Tips on Prognosis of Diabetic Kidney Disease

1. Choose a peaceful and uninfected environment.

2. Observe urinary volume, colour and character changes: If there is obvious abnormity, timely contact with your doctor. You had better do the urine routine test and urinary specific gravity at least once a week.

3. Observe patients’ changes frequently, and monitor changes of urine sugar, proteinuria, renal urine ketone bodies, and kalemia. Observe the frequency and depth of patients’ breathe, and check whether there is Kussmaul's respiration, rotten apples smell, or nausea and vomiting. If there is something abnormal, you should instantly inform the doctor and dispose the occasion according to his advice.

4. Through explaining diabetic harm to patients and their families, combined with controlling the blood sugar to alleviate pathological changes of Diabetic Nephropathy, we can treat the disease and its prognosis.

5. Carefully observe changes of patients’ blood pressure, edema, urine volume, urine test results, and renal function: If oliguria, edema, or hypertension appears, you should timely inform your doctor and take corresponding measures

6. Carefully observe changes of patients’ consciousness, breathe and blood pressure and heart rate: Pay attention to premonitory symptoms of hypertensive encephalopathy and cardiac insufficiency.

7. For lightly disease patients who have no hypertension, not obvious edema, no renal function damage, and few protein, they can do proper exercises and prevent infection; for those who have obvious edema, high blood pressure or renal insufficiency, you should stay in bed and receive nursing care.

8. Carefully observe diebetics’ biochemical indicator: observe whether anemia, electrolyte disturbance, acidbase disorders, or rising Urea nitrogen occurs. If there is abnormal situation, please inform you doctor timely.

9. Monitor the weight twice everyday at set time with wearing the same clothes.

We will be very glad if the information above can help you. If you want to know more about prognosis of diabetes, please consult our online experts. Hope you are in good health as soon as possible!

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