Facial Swelling in Type 1 Diabetes

For diabetes patients, if they suffer facial swelling, kidney disease can be doubted.

Diabetes kidney disease is a kidney disorder which is caused by diabetes. Diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar which can damage the millions of kidney filters. Consequently, kidneys can not work normally as what it used to be. Healthy kidneys are very important organs to remove the wastes and fluid from the blood. Once they are hurt, they fail to remove the wastes and fluid from the blood. Then wastes and fluid will build up in the body causing symptoms and edema.

If you are suffering from facial swelling and also have the following symptoms, you should go to see a doctor to diagnose whether you develop kidney disease.

The signs and symptoms of diabetes kidney disease:

Edam: swelling, usually around the eyes in the morning: later, general body swelling may result, such as swelling of the legs

Foamy appearance or excessive frothing of the urine (caused by the proteinuria)

Poor appetite

Nausea and vomiting

General ill feeling



Generalized itching

The earliest sign of kidney disease is the presence of protein in the urine. The diagnosis is suspected when a routine urinalysis of a person with diabetes shows too much protein in the urine. Serum creatinine and BUN may increase as kidney damage progresses.

The above is the symptoms of kidneys disease which is a common complication of diabetes. If you are having facial swelling and develop one or more of the symptoms mentioned above, diabetes kidney disease is doubted.

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