How to Control Swelling in Feet for Kidney Disease

Why do you suffer swollen feet?

Swollen feet is caused by the damage to kidneys. Healthy kidneys are crucial organs to remove the wastes and excessive fluid from the blood out of body to keep body healthy. When the filter units of kidneys are damaged, they can not well filter the wastes and fluid. As a result, plenty of wastes and fluid build up in the body. Fluid buildup leads to swelling in the body. It can occur at any part of the body such as swelling around the eyelid, or on the face and over time leg or generalized swelling.

What can help reduce swelling in feet?

Some approaches can help to deal with swollen feet including medications, dietary change, rise feet over heart, regular exercise etc.

If you suffer severe swollen feet or legs, you doctor may prescribe some medicines to relieve the condition. Diuretic is the most common medicine that will help the body eliminate the excess fluid that is being retained in the body.

Your doctor may advise dietary change. Salt restriction is necessary in your meals because sodium intake can aggravate the swelling. You had better avoid prepared foods, boxed foods, or canned foods, a lot of fast food because these food contains too much salt. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and drink more water as you are reducing the sodium and that is going to start to improve your body’s ability to reduce that swelling in your feet.

Rising your feet above heart is a good way to control swelling in feet. When you are laying down sleeping at night, you can either put your feet up on the pillow to make your feet be higher than your heart. If you are watching TV, you can put your feet up on the pillow when you are laying on the couch or sit in a recliner chair and you have your feet above the heart level.

Regular exercise is also a better way to prevent or reduce swollen feet. It improves circulation. Long sitting or walking also can aggravate swelling in feet. So, avoid sitting for too long time.

Swelling in feet is a common symptom of kidneys disease. If untreated, it may affect the legs and interfere with walking. Over time, swelling may spread to the whole body which is very dangerous. The best way is to control your kidney disease and restore your kidneys.

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