Early Symptoms for Renal Failure of Diabetic Nephropathy

1. Aggravating hematuria and proteinuria

If not effectively controlled at the early stage, proteinuria and hematuria will continuously aggravate to moderate or severe state. Usually proteinuria may be 3+ or even 4+.

2. Aggravating swelling

At early time, there may be eyelid swelling in the morning or slight swelling in the legs. But in End-Stage Renal Failure, swelling may appear in many parts such as face, both of the legs or even ascites, pulmonary swelling and pericardial effusions.

3. Continuous blood pressure increase

With early stage kidney disease progressing into End-Stage Kidney Failure,caused by severe damage in glomeruli, glomerular anoxia and hypoxia state continues and blood pressure inside blood vessels can not be relieved effectively, which causes continuous Nephrotic Hypertension. In reverse, high blood pressure adds burden to the kidneys, thus developing a vicious cycle of mutual promotion and deterioration.

Besides, Renal Failure patients may show other symptoms including nausea, poor sleeping quality and appetite, urine declination, nocturia and so on.

At this time, if not effectively controlled, the disease may progress into End-Stage Kidney Failure and show other symptoms such as renal anemia, fatigue and pruritus caused by accumulation of toxins inside the body. Then how to prevent and treat End-Stage Kidney Failure?

For the prevention, patients should keep a low-salt, high-quality and low-amount protein diet, avoid infections and nephrotoxic medicines in their daily life, and control blood sugar and blood pressure.

  However, for patients with symptoms of Kidney Failure, preventive measures are not enough. Proper treatment is necessary at this time. Traditional treatments such as dialysis and antihypertensive medicines may reduce risks of other complications and ensure life safety, but renal pathological changes still exist. Therefore kidney damage will still bring some discomforts to the patients.

  Then is there a better method? The combination of Chinese medicine and western medicine is the best choice. Aimed at repairing kidney damage, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can improve micro circulation by activating blood vessels, reduce kidney burdens by eliminating toxins, repair damaged kidneys and recover kidney functions. With the kidneys repaired, all symptoms including high blood pressure, swelling, proteinuria, poor appetite and fatigue will disappear automatically.

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