Diabetic Nephropathy – a Serious Complication of Diabetes

People with diabetic nephropathy may experience the following symptoms. But different people will have different symptoms. In the early stage, it is asymptomatic so that people may be not realized that the kidneys have been damaged. The decline of kidney function is slow and sometimes kidney disease may rapidly turn into renal failure due to some inducements. People with diabetic nephropathy may have edema, nausea, high blood pressure, anemia, heart failure etc. The kidney disease progresses slowly sometimes.

The proteinuria is the early sign of kidney damage. When you find your urine is foamy, you had better to go for a test for the kidney because proteinuria is related to the severity of kidney damage. It is reported that proteinuria is a crucial indicator of kidney disease prognosis. Early detection is helpful for your prognosis of kidney disease.

Your doctor orders some tests to find signs of kidney problems. A blood test and urinanalysis are needed. 24-hour urine protein is necessary. When you have diabetes, your doctor will test your urine for too much protein which is an early sign of kidney damage. High blood pressure often goes along with diabetic nephropathy. You may have high blood pressure that begins quickly or is hard to control.

Controlling high blood glucose and blood pressure is a key. A change of diet is also very important for diabetes people. If you have any other question about diabetes nephropathy, you can consult our experts online for more information. We are glad to help you!

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