How to Know Diabetics Have Renal Damage

1. After Diabetic Nephropathy develops into the fourth stage, the patients will have proteinuria. In the early stage of renal damage, the urine protein is mild and appears intermittently. However, as the disease development, it will develop into persistent proteinuria. Once Diabetics begin to have mass proteinuria, their renal function will decline at a fast speed.

2. With the appearance of proteinuria, Diabetics will have edema. According to some researches, about 70% of patients with Diabetes have edema. When mass protein causes hypoproteinemia, the patients’ edema will be very serious and some patients even have ascitic fluid and hydrothorax.

3. Hypertension is an early clinical symptom of Diabetic Nephropathy. In early stage, it is intermittent and gradually develops into persistent high blood pressure. Hypertension can accelerate the renal damage progression and it is an important factor in aggravating Diabetic Nephropathy. However, some Diabetics also have Hypertension, Therefore, it is very important for Diabetics to find out the cause of their Hypertension.

If Diabetics have the above symptoms, they should do relative examinations such as blood test, urine test and renal function test. In the first stage of renal damage, the patients’ renal function can be reversed. Once they begin to have mass protein in urine, they have at least developed into the fourth stage and they have the best therapeutic time. Therefore, it is very important for Diabetics to do relative renal function examinations.

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