What Are Typical Symptoms of Diabetic Nephropathy

Here are some typical symptoms of Diabetic Nephropathy as follows:

1. Proteinuria: at the early stage of Diabetic Nephropathy, MAU is the only symptom. If it is found out and treated timely, proteinuria will be reversed. If the symptom can not be found out or treated timely, intermittent proteinuria will develop into persistent proteinuria. So Diabetes patients should take urine test on regular intervals to check whether there is abnormality in urine such as MAU.

2. Edema: at the early stage of Diabetic Nephropathy, there is no edema. A few patients can have slight edema before they suffer a low level of plasma proteins. When Diabetic Nephropathy develops into end stage of kidney disease, a low level of proteinuria and masses of proteinuria will aggravate the condition of edema.

3. Hypertension: For type I Diabetes patients they have the same incidence of hypertension as those healthy people. For type II Diabetes patients they have a higher incidence of Hypertension and the incidence of Hypertension will increase when they suffer proteinuria. However, this kind of Hypertension is moderate, only a few patients have serious Hypertension.

4. Renal Failure: the development of Diabetic Nephropathy is greatly various for different patients. For some patients they will have normal renal function even though they suffer slight proteinuria for several years. However, for some patients, although they suffer light proteinuria, they can rapidly develop into Nephrotic Syndrome or even End stage of kidney disease namely Uremia.

5. Anemia: when patients suffer obvious azotemia, they will have symptom of anemia.

6. Complication symptoms of other organs such as Heart Failure, Myocardial Infarction, Neuropathy, etc.

Once patients find out the symptoms they should take positive treatment timely. More questions please free to consult our experts on line.

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