Diabetic Nephropathy Symptoms

In the early stage of diabetic nephropathy, there are no symptoms. People will not feel any discomfort. Maybe the only sign of kidney damage is small amounts of protein leaking into the urine. Diabetic nephropathy can be classified into five stages. Between 1 and 3 stage, there are no specific symptoms which can last for 10-15 years. As it turns into stage 4, the presence of proteinuria indicates kidney damage is irreversible. Many years later, kidney disease develops into renal failure. Besides the symptoms of diabetes, people may experience some symptoms including:

1. Proteinuria. The urine is foamy because the protein is leaked into the urine. A healthy kidney can filter the wastes and excessive fluid from the blood while maintaining necessary things for body survival including protein. But when your kidney is damaged, your kidney allows protein to pass into the urine forming proteinuria. So people with diabetic nephropathy need to eat high-quality protein per day to supply enough energy to the body. With kidney function declining, proteinuria will get worse.

2. Edema (swelling). Edema is common in diabetic nephropathy. You may find swollen eyelid, swollen leg or foot. Especially, in the morning your face is obviously swollen. The more proteinuria is, the less plasma protein is eventually leading to a severe edema. Sometimes, nephrotic syndrome may occur in diabetic nephrpathy patients. People suffering from edema, need to have a diet change, eating less salt and drinking less water.

3. High blood pressure. High blood pressure is the commonest in diabetic nephropathy. High blood pressure is very dangerous for which may cause heart disease, stork and other cardiovascular disease. Kidney disease can cause high blood pressure. On the contrary, high blood pressure will hurt kidneys causing kidney function decline. So it is very important for diabetic nephropathy patient to control high blood pressure.

4. Renal failure. Once high creatinine and BUN level occur, uremia will come in several years.

Besides the symptoms mentioned above, you may have other symptoms like:

Poor appetite

Weight loss


Feeling tired or worn out

Nauseas or vomiting

Trouble sleeping

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