The Early Stage of Diabetic Nephropathy

Often, there are no symptoms as the kidney damage starts and slowly gets worse, which often leads to miss of the best time for treatment. People need to pay more attention to your kidneys. Poor control of blood sugar is thought to lead to kidney disease so that controlling your blood sugar is the key to prevent kidney problems. And on the other side, high blood pressure is the dangerous factor to lead to a kidney disease. In some cases, your family history may also plays a role. People with diabetes who smoke and those with type 1 diabetes that started before age 20 have a higher risk of kidney disease. Not everyone with diabetes develops kidney disease but people who are one of the groups at high risk of kidney disease need to alert.

Protein urine is the early sign of diabetic nephropathy and generally there is no the presence of hematuria. Clinical manifestations are edema, high blood pressure. The presence of persistent protienuria indicates renal insufficiency. Often, people develops nausea, vomiting, anemia, etc.

In the early stage, do some tests your doctor orders and find the early sings of early kidney disease. You had better to have a urine test once a year which can indicate whether albumin is present because protein in the urine is the earliest sign of kidney disease. High blood pressure is also together with diabetic nephropathy. BUN or creatinine can tell you how well your kidneys are.

In summary, the early stage of kidney disease is a best time for treatment. It is possible to reverse the disease.

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