Diabetic Nephropathy and Swelling of the Face

Edema in diabetics is an early sign of kidney disease. Firstly, edema appears in the legs and then on the face. Finally, it will extend to the whole body. Swelling in diabetics is caused by hypothyroidism, low serum protein, renal failure or a drug allergy. If a person develop edema, they should get investigated for these problems and revert to a doctor for further management.

Regarding how to deal with edema, it is very important to keep the diabetes under control, by meanings of monitoring blood sugars at home regularly, and checking glycosylated haemoglobin every 3-4months. Also remember, diabetes is a chronic disorder with several ramifications. It is not just a sugar disease. The physician has to make sure you are monitored for associated problems like high blood pressure, and chronic complications.

When edema presents, you have to change your diet. The best diet for edema revolves around salt and fats. This is to prevent further swelling of the body as well as water retention of the body, which is a very critical in lessening the swelling. In the same breadth, avoid foods that are rich in the carbohydrates as these are known to retain fulids for the body that many worsen the edema.

Vegetables are naturally low in sodium and can be a healthy choice when prepared fresh or frozen without any added sauces or salty seasonings. You should avoid any frozen vegetables with added sauces. Tomato and vegetable juice also contain high amount of sodium and should be avoided if you have edema.

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