Leg Swelling in Diabetic Kidney Disease Patients

Diabetic kidney disease is one of diabetic complications, which is caused by the damage to blood vessels in the kidneys due to high blood sugar. Healthy kidneys are very crucial organs to remove wastes and fluid from the blood. If the kidneys are damaged, they fail to adequately remove the wastes and excess fluid out of body, as a result of which, fluid builds up in the body. Leg swelling can occur in any part of the legs, including the feet, ankles, calves or thighs. If untreated, leg swelling may result in harmful results. At the early stage of kidney disease, swelling may be on the joint, but over time, it may extend into the whole body. So, if swelling occurs, you need immediately see a doctor to confirm a diagnosis.

For people with leg swelling, a special diet is necessary. You diet should be low salt because your kidneys can not filter them. Eating more salt can aggravate the swelling.

Longstanding and sitting are harmful for diabetes with swelling. Avoid them as possible as you can. A crossed leg sitting position is extremely harmful especially for a diabetic patient because the crossed-sitting position cuts the flow of blood to the leg, which makes it to swell.

In summary, if a leg swelling occurs, tell your doctor in case of miss the best time for treatment.

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