Can Diabetic Nephropathy Be Reversed

A proper and prompt treatment is the key to reverse the diabetic nephropathy.

Diabetes people may develop diabetic nephropathy after 5-10 years and some of them are likely to develop renal failure soon. People with diabetes need to alert onset of diabetic nephropathy. Proteinuria is the early sign of diabetic nephropathy. Foamy urine is the presence of proteinuria. If you find your protein is foamy, you should tell your doctor and go for some tests. If you are diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy, the principle of treatment is to restore your kidneys, which can reverse your kidney problem. Here stem cells can.

Stem cells are a group of unspecialized cells which can divide new functional cells and differentiate into desired cells. Under right condition in the body or laboratory, stem cells can divide new kidney cells to replace the damaged cells. Stem cell transplant is an infusion of healthy stem cells into the body. These healthy stem cells can differentiate into kidney cells to let repair the kidneys. That is to say, a stem cell transplant is to let the new and healthy stem cells to regenerate new kidney cells so that it can be achieve to restore the kidneys. The earlier stem cell transplant you receive, the more chance you have to reverse your kidney disease.

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