Complication of Kidney Transplantation(Ⅲ)

Patients with the following disease are not suitable to have Kidney Transplantation: dementia praecox, metastatic tumors, chronic active hepatitis, cirrhosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectasia, disseminated tuberculosis, stubborn heart failure, blood coagulation mechanism defects disease, nodular polyarteritis, coccidiodomycosis, acquired immunity defect disease, Fabry disease, Primary oxalic acid salt urine disease.

Ⅳ.Kidney transplant reaction is hard to avoid.

Rejection of kidney transplantation is a kind of immunoreactions. Because of alloantigen existing in transplanted kidney, immune system of patients with transplanted kidney will have immune reaction to this alloantigen. This kind of immune reaction is rejection. According to clinical manifestation and pathological changes and so on, rejection can be divided into four types, and the methods of their clinical manifestation, mechanism and prevention are various.

Hyperacute rejection:

It will happen within 48 hours after connecting the transplanted kidney with receiver, or it will happen in a few minutes at the soonest. There is no effective treatment for hyperacute rejection. Once hyperacute rejection happens, transplanted kidney must be resected, and another transplantation of kidney is needed.

Accelerated rejection:

It will happen within 3-5 days after transplantation, and it can coexist with chronic rejection. The symptoms of patients are fever, volume of urine reducing, high blood pressure, pressing pain of transplanted kidney, creatinine increasing. Because of application of Cyclosporine A, clinical manifestation is not typical, maybe there is only change of renal function.

Chronic rejection:

It will happen after kidney transplantation six months later, and it will happen after three months. The manifestations are gradual decline of renal function, with proteinuria or blood urine, high blood pressure and so on. With the slow development of illness, and it will result in loss of function of transplanted kidney finally. There is no exact effective therapy of chronic rejection.

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