Traditional Chinese Herbs for Diabetic Nephropathy

Traditional Chinese medicine has two thousand years history which contributes to the people’s health. Different from the western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine is composed of herbs which have different medical values to treat different disease. For instance, dandelion has the ability of diuresis so that it can be used to treat nephritis. After knowing the condition, doctor will prescribe. Herbs are often delivered singly or combined into very small formulas of herbs with the same function. In contrast, Chinese herbalist rarely prescribes a single herb to treat a condition. A formula contains at least four to twenty herbs. That is to say, the doctor may prescribe a dozen herbs which can treat different symptoms. After taking a period of traditional Chinese medicines, doctor will change the herbs according to the condition. For example, if your proteinuria becomes less, the doctor may reduce the herbs on proteinuria and increase some other ingredient to treat other symptoms. That is to say, the ingredient is different from person to person and is various from time to time.

In China, we have created new treatment-Micro-Chinese Medicine based on the traditional Chinese Medicine. If you are interested in the treatment, you can consult our experts online for more information or you can send email to me. Email: [email protected]

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