The New Useful Treatment for Diabetes& Kidney Disease

In Western country, Diabetic Nephropathy is the first reason to cause the End Stage of Renal Failure (ESRD), also called Uremia. Therefore, this disease should be treated carefully. What’s more, if Diabetic Nephropathy can’t be controlled well, the final result is kidney failure and heart disease.

Normally, the development of Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes are different. Every five years, Type 1 Diabetes will develop into a serious stage, and Type 2 Diabetes will develop into a serious stage every 3~4 years. What’s more, Most patients with Diabetes can’t emphasis on the early diagnose and treatment, until the presentation of proteinuira or swelling, then they visit the doctor. At that time, the doctor only can treat the symptoms of Diabetes, the proteinuria can be disappeared, and the development of kidney disease can’t be delayed. Normally, before preoteinuria, the development of kidney disease are slowly, after proteinuria, the kidney function aggravate quickly, more patients will develop into the CKD5 (ESRD) after 5 years.

Normally, patients with Diabetes will adopt the insulin, oral-taking medicines to control the blood sugar. However, these kinds of medicine can’t control the development of kidney disease.

Nowadays, with the development of medical treatment, Stem Cells Transplantation as a new method bring more hope for the patients with Diabetic Nephropathy.

Stem cells as the primitive cells of human body, they have the strong ability of self-renewal and multi-replication, which can differentiate into various kinds of human cells, thus rebuilding the organ function, especially have a better effect for treating various kinds of cell injury disease. Stem cells can maintain the size of cell group through self-differentiation, and they can further differentiation into various kinds of histiocytes under the condition of culturing and inductive agent. Therefore, Diabetes can be treated by Stem Cells Transplant which has a wide prospect in clinical application.

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