Cord Blood Cell to Treat Diabetic Nephropathy

Cord blood cells has marked a great breakthrough in treating Diabetic Nephropathy, it is therapeutic and brings no side effects. It is a wise solution for Diabetic Nephropathy sufferers as dialysis can not prevent further kidney deterioration and kidney transplantation is not suitable for Diabetics with kidney damage. To know how does cord blood cells treat Diabetic Nephropathy, we'll start from what cord blood cell is.

What is cord blood cell?

Placenta and umbilical cord are normally thrown away after babies are born. As there exist large amounts of cord blood cells in cord blood, cord blood is collected after complete division between placenta, umbilical cord and the maternal as well as the fetal. The whole collecting process is rather strict and compact.

How does cord blood cells treat Diabetic Nephropathy?

With a series of processes including collecting cord blood, cord blood separation, division and proliferation, cord blood cells transplantation is adopted with venous infusion. The well cultured and divided stem cells have homing abilities and are qualifies with functions of targeted differentiation and improving kidney functions.

As stem cells carry low immunogenicity, so there is no rejection problem compared with kidney transplantation.

To repair kidney damage, cord blood cells can repair damaged renal intrinsic cells and regenerate new ones so that kidney functions can be improved. With impaired renal intrinsic cells well improved, the high filtration and high perfusion state can be promoted and proteins can be blocked from leakage.

To improve high insulin resistance, cord blood cells can repair damaged islet cells so as to improve islet functions and adjust blood glucose.

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