Is It Suitable to Diabetes People with Renal Failure to Have a Kidney Transplant

Renal failure is a condition in which your kidneys adequately fail to remove the wastes and fluid from the blood. Under this condition, a dialysis or kidney transplant is necessary. Is it suitable for diabetes people with renal failure to have a transplant?

Only kidney transplant is to replace the renal function but pancreas function so patients need to take the oral hypoglyceimic agents after kidney transplant. For nerve damage, cardiovascular damage and heart disease is common in diabetes people, the incidence of cardiovascular disease and infection is higher than others receiving kidney transplant. And the survival rate of kidney transplant in diabetes is lower than others who have kidney transplant due to other diseases.

However, with the transplant technology developing, the successful rate of kidney transplant is better and better. Recently, kidney-pancreas transplant is an ideal way for diabetes patient.

If Diabetes people want to have a kidney transplant, you need to have a comprehensive examination to make sure the safety of kidney transplant. After a renal transplant, you have to take medicine to resist the immune rejection for the rest life. And special diet is also needed for you with kidney transplant.

If you have any question about diabetes or kidney transplant, you can consult our experts online about your concerns. They can give you some suggestion about your query.

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