Immunotherapy for Diabetic Nephropathy in elderly people

Immunotherapy is a system treatment including comprehensive examinations with advanced equipment in the world, diagnosis and treatment with the combination of western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

Firstly, after admitted to our hospital, the patient is asked comprehensive examinations for an adequate treatment. When the causes of disease are clear, doctor will make a therapeutic schedule, according to the individual condition.

Then the treatment for kidney disease is the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and stem cells. Traditional Chinese medicine is to clean the internal environment and meanwhile treat kidney disease through dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anticoagulation, preventing blood viscosity and degrading extracellular matrixes. Traditional Chinese medicine can block renal fibrosis, repair and rebuild the kidneys.

Stem cells transplant is performed following the traditional Chinese medicine. Stem cells are able to self-renew and differentiate into any type of cells. Under right condition in the body, stem cells can regenerate new cells and differentiate into kidney cells to replace the damaged kidney cells. Your kidneys can be restored through these new functional cells.

Immunotherapy is characterized by the no-side-effects or a little side effect. The medicines used in the treatment are with a little side effect or no side effects such as traditional Chinese medicine and stem cells, an biological therapy. If you have any other question about immunotherapy, you can consult our experts online for more information. We are glad to help you!

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