Approaches for diabetic nephropathy with creatinine 789

Diabetic kidney disease is a complication due to the longstanding diabetes because high blood glucose can damage your blood vessels in the kidneys, causing kidney damage. When kidneys are damaged, you may experience some symptoms like nausea (especially in the morning), vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue, itching skin, bone pain, anemia, etc. Over time, creatinine levels rises to 700 ummol/l and then dialysis is coming.

The standard treatments for diabetic nephropathy with high creatinine levels

1. Dialysis is a common approach to treat renal failure in the world which is a renal replacement treatment. That is, dialysis can replace part function to remove wastes and fluid from the blood to maintain healthy, but dialysis is not a cure. Your kidney function will decline continuously during dialysis till kidney function completely fails.

2. Kidney transplant is a better approach for kidney disease patients, that can help to survive them if they have a successful kidney transplant. On the other side, simple kidney transplant may is not effective because diabetic kidney disease is due to the high blood glucose. If blood sugar is not controlled, high blood sugar still can damage the transplanted kidneys. So, kidney-pancreas transplant is the best way for diabetic nephropathy.

3. The immunotherapy may is a alternative treatment for diabetic nephropathy people that is composed of two treatment-stem cells and traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine with two thousand years history contributes to Chinese health. It treats diseases based on the totally different theory from that of western medicine. It aims to regulate the internal environment and remove the underlying causes with natural herbs. In our hospital, we created Micro-Chinese Medicine based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine to treat diabetic kidney disease. Its mechanism includes dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anticoagulation, preventing blood viscosity and degrading extracellular matrixes to achieve the goal of restoring kidney and rebuilding kidney structure.

Stem cells transplant will be performed following Micro-Chinese Medicine which cleans the internal environment, providing better environment for the application of stem cells. Stem cells can produce and differentiate into any type cells. When they are transplanted into the body, they will differentiate into islet beta cells (islet beta cells are chief insulin-producing cells) and produce new cells to replace damaged cells to reduce the insulin resistance.

The right combination of modern medicine (stem cells transplant) and eastern medicine (Micro-Chinese Medicine) has good effects on diabetic kidney disease.

If you have any other confusion about the two treatment or diabetes, you can consult our experts online, or you also can send me email for a detailed explanation. We are glad to help you!

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