What is the lifespan of a diabetic nephropathy patient

If you are newly diagnosed with kidney problems and the protein in the urine is mild, you can live a normal life with proper treatment and physical activity, healthy diet. People with good control of diabetes who have no blood in the urine, no high blood pressure, but only a little high creatinine levels, may have a good prognosis after a proper and prompt treatment. Under this condition, it also possible to reveres the kidney disease.

But if a person with a poor control of diabetes have a large amount of proteinuria, high blood pressure, high creatinine levels, edema, nausea, vomiting, etc. it is very hard to deal with the condition. The goal of treatment is to treat the symptoms and improve the life quality to some degree.

So, it is up to many factors including treatment, diet, activity how long a person with diabetic kidney disease. Nobody can tell you can live for 2 or 20 years if you have kidney disease. The most important thing to prolong lifespan is to have a proper and prompt treatment.

In China, we use the combination of Western (modern) Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat kidney disease. Many people who have mild or severe kidney problems have an optimal prognosis. If you are a kidney patient, you can consult our experts about the new treatment. We are glad to help you! If necessary, you can send me email. Email: [email protected]

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