Therapeutic Effect of Treating Diabetes of Kidney Disease with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

For the characteristic symptoms as ‘three highs, one low’ of Diabetes, patients should have a dietotherapy which has low salt, low fat, high quality of protein and take therapy such as blood hemodialysis and anti-infection and so on as auxiliary. Some patients whose condition is very serious should be treated with enriching the blood and calcium, acid correction, electrolyte disorder correction, blood glucose controlling, diuresis and detumescence and other symptomatic treatments. When the patients are being treated by external application of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, micro-Chinese medicine to be taken orally should be used as coordinate treatment. Being treated from inside and outside, the viscosity of medicine can be increased. Medicine effect can be enhanced to great extent. Development of illness condition can be blocked, thus prevent Diabetes from developing into renal failure and uremia.

How is the therapeutic effect of treating Diabetic Nephropathy with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy? Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is to make the effective prescription super finely shattered, thus making effective medicine can play its full function and increase the penetrability of Chinese medicine. The purpose of this is to make the effective medicine can be permeated into kidney lesion quickly, thus achieving the goal of treating kidney disease.

Immunotherapyation Center of Kidney Disease: ensure every patient have a therapeutic team and a perfect therapeutic plan, and receive a professional, comprehensive, and satisfactory medical serves. At last, hope all patients recover as soon as possible!

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