Why Stem Cell Transplant can Treat Kidney Failure Caused by Diabetes?

Although the mechanism is not very unclear as to why diabetes causes kidney failure, it has been proved that diabetes does cause kidney failure. In fact, diabetes has become a major reason of cause for kidney failure. In the United States, diabetic nephropathy accounts for 42.8% of ESRD(end-stage renal disease). In Europe, diabetic nephropathy accounts for 28% of ESRD. In 2003, the slogan for “World Diabetes Day” is “diabetes and kidney disease”.

How to detect diabetic nephropathy(diabetes and kidney disease) early

It is crucial to detect diabetic nephropathy in the early stage. Increasing amount of protein in the urine is a clinical symptom of diabetic nephropathy, which is also a major proof for diagnosis. Diabetics should check their microalbuminuria on a regular basis. If it reaches 30-300mg/24h in two times of three tests within half a year, then diabetic nephropathy can be diagnosed.

What is stem cell?

A stem cell is one that, when it divides, produces some off-spring that remains as stem cell, while others can turn into functional tissues. According to the developmental stages it is, the stem cell can be divided into embryonic cell and somatic cell. But based on the growth potential it possess, it can be divided into three types: totipotent stem cell, pluripotent stem cell and unipotent stem cell.

What is stem cell transplant?

Stem cell transplant is an operation where the stem cells are extracted from certain sources, then after test,counting, cultivation and orientation, the stem cells are transplanted into kidney patients’ body to repair the damaged tissues and organs using the self-reproduction and differentiation ability of stem cells. The operation is much like a infusion.

Is stem cell transplant safe?

Stem cell transplant is 100 percent safe. As stem cell is in the initial stage of cell division, its immunogenicity on the surface is very low. So, they are not likely to recognized by the kidney patients’ immune system as “enemy” when infused into the body, so no rejection or allergy would occur.

According to numerous clinical studies, stem cell transplant is not very safe. No serious adverse reactions happen. Some kidney patients do have slight fever and headache after the infusion, but they would pass away several days later.

Where the stem cells come from?

In Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital, China, the stem cells we are using are from umbilical cord and placenta after the delivery of the baby, which otherwise would be discarded. After the stem cells are extracted, they would be tested, counted, purified and cultured, then they would be infused into the kidney patients’ body through vein. We have world-class laboratory, so our stem cells are of better quality in terms of quality and quantity.

Why stem cells can treat renal failure ?

1. When stem cells are infused into the human body, they would move towards kidneys because traumatic signals released by kidneys would attract stem cells.

2. Stem cells possess potent multiplication capacity, which can differentiate into other types of kidney cells and produce large quantity of off-springs. When the stem cells reach the kidneys, they would divide and differentiate into the intrinsic cells of kidneys, replacing the already dead kidney cells. In so doing, the kidney function can be rebuilt and restored.

3.Through the interaction of cells and producing cell factors, stem cells can inhibit the proliferation of T cells and immune reactions so as to bring its reconstructing functions into full play.

In Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital, we also use micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy as a cooperative treatment method of stem cell transplant. One of the big factors that influence the treatment result of stem cell transplant is relevant treatment which goes along with stem cell treatment.

The Chinese medicines we use can terminate the kidney fibrosis, adjust the immune system of the kidney patients, improve their symptoms. So with the help of Chinese medicine, kidney patients would have a better treatment result.

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