How to Protect Kidneys from Diabetic Nephropathy

Early detection

Early detection is a guarantee to get a good prognosis. The presence of protein in the urine is the early sign of diabetic nephropathy. However, when you find that your urine is foamy, your kidneys has been damaged in some degree. The best tool for the earliest stages of diabetic kidney disease is the urine microalbumin test, which can be done in one of three ways and also involves a check of urinary creatinine levels.

A proper and prompt treatment

Treatment is the best way to protect your damaged kidneys. You had better to choose a treatment which can not only treat your symptoms but also restore your damaged kidneys. All symptoms are caused due to the damage to kidneys. Hence, it is very important to repair your kidneys. (Click here to learn more about Treatment to restore your kidneys)

Control blood pressure

Blood pressure plays important role on progress of kidney disease. It can damage the tiny blood vessels in the kidneys. If the tiny blood vessels are damaged, they stop working normally. From this point, control well high blood pressure is crucial for diabetic nephropathy patients. You can talk with your doctor about the target gold of blood pressure. Normally, it is 130/80.

Control blood sugar

Blood sugar is the underlying cause of kidney disease. For diabetes, blood sugar is the first thing that they need to pay attention to. Once you find blood sugar rise, you can ask your doctor for advice on how to control your blood sugar. You may adapt the dose of medicine.


A diet which is beneficial to kidneys should be followed. You don’t eat salt because salt can not be filtered by kidneys. It can aggravate the kidney disease and water retention. Butter, peanut, and banana are also not suggested to eat. As for the specific food or vegetables, you can consult your doctor. Or you can talk with a dietician to work out a meal plan which is favorable to your kidney protection.

These suggestions mentioned above can also help you prevent the eye, foot, nerve complications. If you have more queries about diabetes, you can consult our experts online who can reply about your concerns.

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