Micro-Chinese Medicine treats Diabetic Nephropathy

Micro-Chinese Medicine is rich in vitamin A, D, E, K, and calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium which provide the enough nutrition to the cell repair, stopping kidney damage and protecting the remained nephrons. Micro-Chinese Medicine can increase the blood flow through kidneys, stop the kidney cells damage, reduce the GFR and lessen the protein leakage by dilating blood vessels, and improving the microcirculation.

The effective ingredients of Micro-Chinese Medicine can directly reach the damaged kidneys to restore the filtration membrane, reducing the protein leakage into the urine. Micro-Chinese Medicine is able to increase the blood flow through kidneys and improve the reabsorption of tubular.

The general effects of Micro-Chinese Medicine include:

The less protein leakage into the urine

Increased GFR

Increased reabsorption of tubular

High blood pressure dropping

Symptoms of renal disease remission

Micro-Chinese Medicine is composed of natural herbs. It has the least impact on body.

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