The Effective Treatment for Diabetics with 1.7 Creatinine

If you have creatinine level which is a little higher than normal levels, it is the best time to reverse your kidneys with effective treatment which can restore your kidneys. Immunotherapy, an immunotherapy is recommended to you.


Immunotherapy, an innovative treatment in 2012 in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital is a systemic treatment from diagnosis to treatment. Each patient who comes to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital is surrounded by the latest, most-advanced technology and equipment, and renowned physicians who often meet and communicate to make sure you receive the best treatment.

1. Accurate examination and diagnosis

A comprehensive examination is the first step the moment you are admitted to our hospital. You can find the most-advanced technology and equipment to diagnose your kidney disease and a staff of experts highly skilled in its use. An accurate and comprehensive diagnosis is the premise of better treatment.

2. Our approach treatment

After an evaluation of your disease, your treatment for diabetes and kidney disease at Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital will be customized to your particular needs. One or more the following therapies may be recommended to treat diabetes and kidney disease. It is possible to reverse your kidney disease.

Micro-Chinese Medicine

It is a kind of Traditional Chinese Medicine that is created by famous doctors of TCM with years’ research and experience in clinical practice. Giving up the shortages of TCM, Micro-Chinese Medicine is not an oral medicine but an external application. The effective natural herbs are shattered into powders which are packaged in two bags. Patients only need to lie down on the two bags, full of medicines which can directly reach your kidneys with the help of osmosis devices. In this way, it has no impact on your body.

Micro-Chinese Medicine is designed to restore your kidneys by dilating kidneys, fighting with inflammation and degrading extracellular matrix. On the other hand, Micro-Chinese Medicine has great power of lowering blood pressure.

Stem cells transplant

Stem cells are unspecialized cells which have three general features including:

They are unspecialized cells

They can divide and self-renew without limit

They can differentiate into various types of cell.

Under right condition, stem cells are going to differentiate into desired cells. That is stem cell implanted into your body can differentiate into kidney cells and other functional cells. These healthy kidney cells can replace the damage ones to restore your kidneys. However, it takes periods of time for stem cells to work in the body.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes and kidney disease, we are here to help you.

Do you have any question? You can leave a message.A detailed analysis of your condition by our experts can greatly guide your treatment and daily care.

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