How to Lower BUN and Creatinine Level for DN Patients

The relationship between kidneys and BUN, creatinine

Healthy kidneys are very crucial organs which can remove the wastes and excessive fluid from the blood. High blood sugar can increase the blood flow through kidneys, which makes kidneys overwork. Over time, it is damaged. When they are damaged, they fail to remove the waste out of body. Creatinine and BUN are the wastes in the body. So, when someone develops diabetic nephropathy, BUN and creatinine levels will rise.

How to Lower BUN and Creatinine?

The best way to lower BUN and Creatinine is to restore your damaged kidneys. When your kidneys are restored, they can work normally to remove the wastes out of body. Micro-Chinese Medicine is recommended.

Micro-Chinese Medicine is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine that is designed to restore damaged kidneys. It is mainly composed of natural herbs which are effective medicines for kidneys. Giving up the shortcomings of TCM, it is an external application which avoids damaging the digestive organs. The natural herbs are shattered into powders packaged in two bags. Patients need to lie on the bags, full of powders which can directly reach to kidneys with the help of osmosis devices. This treatment needs to last 3 months or so. After the treatment, general results include:

Symptoms remission

Change of urine color and volume

Increase GFR

Renal function repair

High blood pressure dropping

If you persist on using Micro-Chinese Medicine, your kidneys function can be greatly improved. After restoring Kidneys, BUN and creatnine will reduce.

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