How to Deal with Proteinuria and Swollen Limbs in Diabetic Nephropathy

How do they occur?

Healthy kidneys are important organs which can remove the wastes and excess fluid from the blood as well as keep the nutritious substances like protein in the blood. When the kidneys are damaged by high blood sugar, the kidneys will allow protein to pass through kidneys into the urine, forming proteinuria. Meanwhile, the excess fluid builds up in the body causing water-retention. In diabetic nephropathy, swelling usually around the eyes in the mornings; later general body swelling may result; such as swelling of the legs.

How to deal with proteinuria and swollen limbs?

Micro-Chinese Medicine

It is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine that is composed of natural herbs powders. Different from traditional Chinese medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine is an external application which is with the least impact on the body. The natural herbs are shattered into powders which are packaged in two bags. Patients lie on the bags containing effective herbs powders which can be permeated into the damaged kidneys. It is designed to restore kidneys by dilating blood vessels, fighting with inflammation and degrading extracellular matrix. After the treatment, general effects include:

Reduced protein leaked into the urine

High blood pressure dropping

Urine change of color and volume

GFR rising

Renal function improved

Micro-Chinese Medicine is an innovative therapy in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. Thousands of people benefit from it.

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