Kidney Dialysis and Diabetics

Because of the abnormal metabolism condition of the patients with Diabetes, there will be dysfunction of various enzymes in their body, which may influence the metabolism of nitrogen and formation of creatinine. For this reason, the measured value of serum creatinine is usually lower than the real renal function it indicates. This determines that the creatinine level cannot be taken as the standard of dialysis and they should usually begin dialysis earlier than other kinds of kidney diseases.

Then what should be the proper standard for beginning of dialysis? In fact, this mainly depends on the patient’s individual condition. For example, according to general standard, patients with end-stage renal failure should start dialysis when their GFR is 10~15ml/min. However, for patients with Diabetic Nephropathy of this stage, their conditions are mostly bad due to malnutrition and severe edema. Then the creatinine and GFR cannot exactly reflect the patient’s real condition. It is an important sign of dialysis when the patient begins to have severe malnutrition. So we shouldn’t depend too much on creatinine and GFR.

Dialysis is a renal replacement therapy which can help to reduce the risk of complications or death. In general, diabetics need to start dialysis earlier than others without diabetes.

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